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Yoga came into my life unexpectedly (as gifts often do) and saved it. Twice. After the second miracle, I decided to become a certified yoga instructor through Modo (formerly Moksha) and have been sharing the power and peace of this incredible practice for the past ten years. 


As a teacher, studio owner, and retreat leader, I have healed and transformed hundreds of students through a loving and playful approach that supports all ages and abilities. You will strengthen and soften, lean in and let go. You will also laugh, learn, and be uplifted. 


Whether we are together for a traditional yoga class, a hot class, acro yoga, laughter yoga, or at a corporate event, or retreat, you will find yourself lighter and freer. 

 I have created a moveable feast of strength and softness; laughter and learning; and collaboration and creativity. 

Elliott Tree Farm

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Tel: (416) 948-2565


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