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     The Lion's Den Yoga Studio on Broadway is now permanently closed and I have moved to a new home at Elliott Tree Farm. I have partnered with Derek Elliott because of our shared passion for life-long learning, personal growth, open communication, mutual support, and healing. When I met Derek he said two things that stuck, “I find that the more I resist yoga, the more I know I need it,” and, “My life just works better when I am regularly on my mat.” I knew we were going to be great together! With my experience and sangha, along with Derek’s exquisite property, we have created a moveable feast of strength and softness; laughter and learning; and collaboration and creativity. You will find a full summer schedule as well as special events throughout the year. Jessie Steinberg brings live music and laughter yoga and I have a team of excellent guest teachers if I need to miss class. 

Elliott Tree Farm

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Tel: (416) 948-2565


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