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Yoga at the Lavender Lounge at Hereward Farms

Discover (or rediscover!) the heart of yoga through an in-depth exploration with expert facilitation in this five week series. Sequenced in optimal order, but able to stand alone, these workshops will transform your yoga experience. All sessions include a minimum of 45 minutes on your mat (but may be longer depending on the topic).To begin: Buddhism and Hinduism (facilitated by Janel Bascom, yoga with me). Next, mala-making and mantras with Michelle Barker and Natasha Boldireff.  Third week, we will have a crystal sound bath with Kathryn Ruggiero. The fourth week will transform your practice with a posture workshop that will breathe new life into your body.  Lastly, the closing session will allow for all of the learning to land in practice and community, with an exquisite restorative class with live music by Jessie Steinberg. 

Week 1: July 7

Why Yoga? What is Yoga?

Hindu Temple

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced student, asking what brings you to your mat will support you getting the most you can out of your practice. What is the intention of the practice? What is the intention of your practice? Putting modern yoga and your interest in it into context can provide insight and access to a higher  experience. Janel Bascom is a teacher who has studied and taught Hinduism and Buddhism for a number of years. She insists she is not an expert and is humbled by the opportunity to share what she's learned. Exchanging ideas and understandings is what this session is about.

Week 2: July 14

Mala Making and Mantras

Join Michelle Barker and Natasha Boldireff to make your own mala and learn its true power. Offered in boutiques and yoga studios as jewelry, they are so much more. Intention setting, curiosity, and an open heart are essential requirements for this extraordinary session that provides the ultimate take-away. Our brief practice after this mindful and creative session will be unlike any other.


Woman holds in hand wooden mala beads strands used for keeping count during mantra meditat

Week 3: July 21

Sound Bath

Join Kathryn Rudger for an exquisite meditation experience that will relax you, relieve stress, and improve your sleep. Relaxed on your mat, with a guided mediation to optimize the experience, you will feel transformed by the beauty and vibrations of crystal bowls. 

Week 4: July 28

Breath and Posture Workshop

Students (and teachers!) of yoga may find themselves stuck in the same variation of their postures. Different teachers, different cues, and different contexts afford the opportunity to add or change your experience of the posture and its benefits. This workshop will do that. And it will help you breathe. Literally. Discover the untapped power and potential of your breath in ways that will change your practice and your life.

Image by Yannic Läderach

Week 5: August 4

Restorative Yoga with Live Music and Closing Circle

In this culminating experience we will touch on the topics and teachings covered in the previous sessions and reflect on what we learned and enjoyed the most. We will also be melting into our mats while live music carries us into peace and quiet, courtesy of Jessie Steinberg.

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